3D Systems Announces Water Soluble Filament



3D Systems – Infinity™ Rinse-Away Support

Printing with complexity has never been easier. Break beyond the boundaries set by unachievable overhangs and the laws of gravity, and enter the possibilities of intricate patterns, degrees of freedom and suspension in space.

Infinity Rinse-Away Support material is a water soluble filament that enables you to print your part with rinse-away supports. Rinse-away supports are easy and fast to remove for a great looking finished print. Since the supports rinse away, you no longer have to deal with “support stubble” left behind with old break away supports.

This is a support material and can be used only to add supports to your primary part. This material cannot be used to print a primary part itself. Also, your primary parts need to print using PLA material.

Please call 1-800-769-2679 for more information or to order yours today.

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