STEAMtrax 3D Printing Curriculum


STEAMtrax is an innovative new curriculum for schools that integrates engineering and 3D printing technology with core academic knowledge in science, math, language arts, social studies, and art.

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  • STEAMtrax Curriculum for Grades K-12
  • Grade Based Modules
  • Hands-On Engineering Kits
  • 3D Printing STEAM (STEM) Integration
  • Professional Development

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Introducing New Nylon Material for CubePro® Prosumer Desktop 3D Printing


Introducing Nylon, the new material for the CubePro from 3D Systems. The game changing, must have material for strong, durable parts printed conveniently and cost-effectively on your own desktop 3D printer.


Nylon is a stronger and more durable alternative to PLA or ABS. It is flexible yet strong, so it’s ideal for functional parts. The CubePro runs Nylon 6, offering the best combination of strength, durability, and flexibility for many applications.

Call now to learn more about CubePro and this exciting new material, or if you’re already a CubePro user and want to starting printing in Nylon today. 1-800-769-2679.

3D Systems Announces Water Soluble Filament


3D Systems – Infinity™ Rinse-Away Support

Printing with complexity has never been easier. Break beyond the boundaries set by unachievable overhangs and the laws of gravity, and enter the possibilities of intricate patterns, degrees of freedom and suspension in space.

Infinity Rinse-Away Support material is a water soluble filament that enables you to print your part with rinse-away supports. Rinse-away supports are easy and fast to remove for a great looking finished print. Since the supports rinse away, you no longer have to deal with “support stubble” left behind with old break away supports.

This is a support material and can be used only to add supports to your primary part. This material cannot be used to print a primary part itself. Also, your primary parts need to print using PLA material.

Please call 1-800-769-2679 for more information or to order yours today.

Meet Derby the Dog

Derby was born with a disability but that didn’t mean that he was going to be disabled.

Derby’s life, enhanced by 3D printing.

3D printing allows Derby to walk and run. With his prosthetics created on 3D Systems ProJet 5500X, he can function much like any other dog and even leads way ahead of his owner.

Derby runs with his new 3D printed legs

Derby enjoys life with and without his prosthetics.

His treatment has allowed him to function in ways most other dogs can. He now has the mobility and freedom to run, walk and stand thanks to 3D printing technology.

3d print castable FTX materials using the ProJet 5500X

The printing of Derby’s prosthetics was done on a ProJet 5500X by 3D Systems.

The ProJet 5500X created the prosthetics that Derby could soon run in. Notice the details and small features on the device, these are all possible using the ProJet 5500X.

proJet 5500X 3D Printer

Derby has mobility that he never would have had if 3D printing didn’t exist.

With our technology, most things like prosthetics for Derby can be printed in a few hours, with unmatched accuracy and smoothness in every case.

Thought 3D Printing Was Too Expensive?

Now Available for $299 a Month!




3D4U includes:

– Choose either 1 CubePro Duo or 1 ProJet1200.

– All service covered*

– Includes monthly allotment for materials*

Contact us today for details!


CubePro Duo

cube pro

Key features:
• Bigger print volume With the largest-in-class build platform (10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5”; 275 x 265 x 240mm), 2.5 times larger than any other printer in the desktop prosumer and hobbyist market.
• Three materials + three colors = thousands of options Make durable and functional prototypes with a new production material: nylon, along with strong ABS and compostable PLA plastic.
• Controlled print environment A controlled process environment ensures improved accuracyand reliability of your largest ABS plastic prints for effortless, professional quality every time. Automated settings allow you to produce home-safe printing whether in your workshop or on your desktop.

ProJet 1200


A low cost, professional-grade Micro SLA 3D printer
• Maximize your dollar – Achieve unmatched part accuracy and smoothness for the most intricate casting patterns and high quality, unique customer samples and end-use pieces.
• Accelerate your workflow – Fast print times allow you to keep up with your constant need for precision parts and casting patterns. Prints 1/2 inch an hour!
• Get started with 3D printing at a low price – Inexpensive prints make it the perfect tool for every designer. Print a ring for less than $1 in materials.

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