Production Scanning

Proven services for business process and document management.

Production Scanning

Converting paper files into digital images.

Every department who has an interest in medium to high volume scanning can use a workgroup or enterprise scanner. In addition, we have several customers who do not want to keep their MFP busy with scans. As a result, a workgroup or dedicated scanner is an excellent compliment to the SoCal provided MFPs. For customers who have a large file room filled with paper documents, or are currently using an offsite storage company, standalone scanners are a cost effective solution for a “back-filing” project.


Areas where we see a high need for a workgroup or production scanner include the following:

  • Human Resources – scanning all of the past or current employee files
  • Accounts Payable – scanning all of the incoming invoices from vendors
  • General Accounting – scanning of all of the financial records, general ledgers
  • Healthcare – Due to HIPAA regulations, small scanners at the front desk
  • Law Firms – quickly moving to scan all of their case documents
  • Education – scanning all of the previous student files
  • Logistics Companies – signed delivery documents, bills of lading , and shipping tickets

Panasonic has a full line of workgroup and production scanners. Ranging from 20 scanned pages per minute up
to 132 scanned pages per minute, Panasonic can accommodate every scanning requirement. Panasonic has several innovative features including:

  • Automatic image orientation, automatic color/black-and-white
  • Detection, blank page removal
  • Automatic crop
  • Deskew
  • Hole punch image removal, mixed document feeding
  • Long pager mode (scan paper up to 200 feet)
  • Double exposure (2 scanned images on one sheet of paper

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