Variable Data

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Variable Data

Create and print documents that have a static background (template) with dynamic (variable) elements overlaid, making each document unique.

Variable Data solutions help eliminate pre-printed forms and tractor feed printers by printing the form template and the variable data at the same time to more economical multifunction
devices and laser printers.

Examples of Variable Data printing: invoices, purchase orders, work orders, statements, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, tickets, serialized numbering, promotional coupon codes, one-to-one marketing statement

Why Variable Data Solutions?

  • Reducing the cost of printing transactional documents
  • Add relevant or timely information to a formerly static document that must be printed and distributed anyway
  • The power of personalization in the marketing and direct mail efforts


For transaction printing, VDP solutions allow companies to print more efficiently, economically, automate the distribution process, and auto archive documents to digital files. Instead of delivering traditional and ineffective static documents to customers, VDP solutions are used to create personalized and customized sales and marketing pieces that contain relevant messages for each and every customer.

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