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Let us show you how multifunction systems that print, copy, fax and scan can help you reduce your power usage and decrease the environmental impact of your daily business operations.

Office workers rely on a variety of communication channels to move information through business processes. Some information arrives in paper format and needs to be converted to digital format. Digital documents need to be converted to paper format.

Tools to Transform Productivity
Multifunction systems transform business productivity by providing a variety of useful document conversion functions.

Paper to Digital: Scan
With much of today’s business information still on paper, integrating paper documents into digital business processes is critical. Our multifunction systems provide an efficient platform to scan documents to network folders or email addresses. When combined with our Electronic Document Management solutions, our multifunction systems become a powerful tool for business transformation.

Digital to Paper: Print
Converting digital information to paper format requires dependable printers. Our multifunction systems print at speeds normally reserved for copiers, improving productivity. You can also take advantage of finishing features like stapling, duplexing, and booklet making, allowing you to print multiple sets of documents that are ready to distribute.

Paper to Paper: Copy
Multifunction systems leverage digital copying technology to create high-quality copies of text and graphics. Scan-Once/Print-Many technology lets you create unlimited sets of fully finished documents. Optional hole-punch and booklet making features make these systems the most versatile copiers ever made.

Paper to Paper: Fax
While your office may not use faxing today as much as in the past, a multifunction system is a great way to provide fax functionality without the expense of managing a separate fax machine. Optional LAN faxing lets users send and receive faxes from their computers.

A Complimentary Consultation
Each of our clients has unique system needs. Our multifunction systems can be custom-configured to provide the services you need in each location. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation to determine which systems fit best in your environment.Contact us today to learn more.


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