3D Applications

Welcome to the world of 3D Printing

3D Applications


From full color concept models to functional prototypes and complex 3D printed end use parts for manufacturing applications,  3D Systems printers, software and services streamline the design process and deliver products to market with speed and precision.


Content Creation

3D Systems now offers a platform of 3D authoring tools – from Geomagic Solutions, that enable designers, engineers and others to create, scan, modify, inspect and print their data. Our selection of products are easy to learn and use, and many work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. Our focus is on ease-of-use and a complementary workflow that allows more engineers, designers and other technology professionals than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life. We encourage you to put our authoring tools to the test.


Concept Modeling

Imagine taking just a few hours to design and print a new concept model and then placing it in the hands of a focus group in the same afternoon? 3D Systems’ printers enable design teams and businesses to eliminate days and weeks from their product design process, which translates to savings in resources and the ability to accelerate profits by getting product to market faster.

But it’s not all about speed and savings; our printers help enhance quality by facilitating multiple concept reviews, delivering amazing full color models and creating more opportunities for feedback and improvements along the way. That’s what we mean by Create with Confidence!



What better way to compress the time and cost of bringing your new product to market than with quality prototypes that match your design and accurately represent your end-product’s functionality and performance?

Our wide variety of robust, thermally stable material options generate models that are tough enough to be used as working parts, permitting you to test for form, fit and function right from your desktop or office. With an extremely smooth surface finish, our printers have the highest level of precision and accuracy of any other 3D printers on the market ensuring that you can create with confidence.


Casting, Patterns and Molds

Our Professional and Production 3D printing systems can be used for RealWax patterns for lost-wax casting processes or for foundry casting patterns or molds, depending on your production needs. Applications from jewelry, to medical instruments and devices, to mechanical parts or forming operations can be achieved with our 3D printers, giving you and your business ready access to disposable or short term tools for low-volume production.


End-Use Parts

Our 3D printers allow you to create and print functional end-use parts directly from your desktop or office. Attain custom parts with fine feature details and exceptionally smooth surfaces with the click of a button and begin directing your new product design, packaging or tooling needs with precision and confidence. Yes, in addition to quick and accurate prototyping for visualization, testing, evaluation and communication, our machines and services enable streamlined end use production for more efficient and affordable design-to-manufacture solutions.


Injection Molding

Injection molding is still the preferred process for manufacturing plastic parts in larger volumes, which is why it is used to create things such as housings, containers, bottle caps, combs and other mass market applications. One of the reasons injection molding is ideal for producing high volumes of plastic parts is because several parts can be produced in each cycle by using multi-cavity injection molds. Other advantages include high tolerance precision, repeatability and a large material selection.

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