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Scanners & Fax Machines

With the growth of email, faxing does not have the same level of importance that it once had. However, faxing is still a critical component to corporate communication. And, fax machines can now be integrated with your network as a platform to scan documents to email and capture information for storage.

Dedicated Fax Machines

High-volume fax applications require dedicated fax systems. Our commercial grade fax systems are built to handle demanding volumes. Dual Line options enable sending and receiving to occur simultaneously. Dual Access allows faxes to be scanned even while another fax is being sent, enhancing productivity.

Fax From Your Multifunction System

New Multifunction Systems offer fax options, allowing users to send faxes from the same system they use to copy, print and scan. This makes sense in environments where faxing is less frequent.

Fax Servers

Integrate faxing into your network environment with a Fax Server. These devices allow users to send faxes directly from their computers, allowing many users to share a group of fax lines. Inbound faxes can be received in digital format and routed to an email address or network folders.

Transform paper documents into digital documents with scanning systems from MWB. Integrating paper documents into digital workflows enhances productivity, improves information security, and streamlines business processes. This all begins with good scanning solutions.

SoCal Office offers a full portfolio of centralized and decentralized scanning solutions that can be quickly deployed in virtually any corporate environment.

Centralized Scanning

High volume document conversion needs are handled best with centralized production scanners. We offer a suite of productive dedicated scanners that quickly convert stacks of paper into scanned images.

Distributed Scanning

Many companies are realizing the benefits of capturing documents where they are created. A distributed scanning model distributes scanners throughout the workplace. One of the best ways to create a decentralized scanning model is to place multifunction systems in workgroups that require scanning.

Using Fax Machines to Scan

The most common scanner on the planet is the fax machine. Fax server technology lets you receive inbound faxes as digital files, effectively transforming fax machines into scanners. Inbound files from customers, vendors, or branch offices can be transformed into digital documents.

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