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Our Partners


With multiple product lines and partnerships, SoCal Office Technologies brings you the best solutions for your company at a great price without the hassle of juggling several different vendors.


Global Imaging Systems

“Think Globally, Act Locally.” SoCal Office Technologies is a part of Global Imaging Systems (GIS), which currently operates in 38 states and the District of Columbia. GIS is designed to serve companies that demand local accountability from their partners with global abilities. When you choose a Global Company as your document technology partner, you get the package you need to succeed.  All the GIS Companies are led locally accountable and responsible leadership. Global Imaging companies are active members of their local communities, hire local employees, contribute to the local economy and support local charitable organizations. They manage all aspects of the customer relationship including sale, installation, training, product support and service. GIS’ personnel are directly trained and certified by the original manufacturers that we represent.


Xerox® Partnership

Xerox Acquired Global Imaging Systems in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary within Xerox’s North American operations. Global Imaging Systems’ companies give you fast, local access to Xerox Programs, solutions and quality, in addition to:


  • Local staff trained by Xerox
  • Genuine Xerox products, stocked locally and delivered from local warehouses
  • Locally dispatched technicians with access to all Xerox engineering and service resources
  • Multi-Brand Technology Solutions from Xerox, HP, 3D Systems and more!


“The secret to the success of the Xerox Global partnership is maintaining what they (GIS Companies) do well. Keeping them local, empowered and autonomous. Making sure we keep their great management teams in place. Add to that Xerox technology, national support and offerings and the combination is unbeatable.”

Anne M Mulcahy Former CEO & current Chairman of the Board, Xerox Corporation


HP® Business Partnership

As of 2012, SoCal Office Technologies has PartnerONE Specialist status with HP as a result of successfully completing a specialized set of HP technology training, certification and performance requirements. As an HP Specialist partner, SoCal Office Technologies is recognized in the marketplace for providing greater value to customers based on its technical expertise and information technology (IT) solution offerings.

In addition to showcasing our technology expertise, we receive additional support tools from HP, such as sales support, marketing tools and qualified customer leads. HP Specialist partners provide customers with the highest level of competency and a superior experience.

3D Systems Partnership

When SoCal Office Technologies teams up with a company like 3D Systems, amazing things are bound to happen. With this new partnership, SoCal Office has the best 3D printer lines in the marketplace.  These solutions are used to rapidly design, create, communicate, prototype or produce real parts, empowering customers to create and make with confidence.  With local staff trained and ready to assist you, SoCal is excited to bring 3D printing to your workplace.


KIP Partnership

KIP is a leading manufacturer of digital printers and scanning solutions for color and b&w wide format documents up to 36” wide.  As a world leader in wide format document production technology, KIP offers an extensive wide format digital printing and scanning product range that meets the ever-increasing demand for fast, high quality and cost effective digital reproduction.


Brother Partnership

Choosing a partner who can truly respond and address your needs is a critical business decision. Not only must your partner have the range of product solutions to meet today’s requirements, but they must also possess the commitment and expertise to be there in the future. Brother combines all the advantages of working with a 70+ year old, global company with the ability to manufacture some of the most innovative, advanced and reliable products available.


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