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We have helped companies reduce costs, consolidate the hassle of using multiple vendors, upgrading technology and overall improving their efficiency in the office. Let us see how we can optimize your business state not just once, but always.


See how SoCal Office Technology has helped the fourth-largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage health plan in the United States use SMART products to be more innovative and efficient.


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Live Nation consists of Live Nation Concerts and Venues, Ticketmaster and Front Line Management Group. As the world’s leading live entertainment ticketing and marketing company, Ticketmaster connects the world to live entertainment.

In 2010 Ticketmaster Entertainment merged with Live Nation to form Live Nation Entertainment. With both companies headquartered in Hollywood / Beverly Hills, CA the new combined IT Group, from its Southern California headquarter location, was faced with the growing challenge of managing and merging a document technology infrastructure across 200 locations in the US from LA to San Francisco to New York to Miami and all points in between.

The group was faced with the task of finding better ways to optimize their business processes and reduce their carbon footprint by using fewer devices and at the same time reducing costs.

The company was currently contracted with multiple vendors and equipment technology from 8 manufacturers all using different print drivers and software. Over 30 contracts were in place for document output devices alone.

The following goals were outlined as priorities of the project:

  • Right-Sizing the Print Environment
  • Validating current cost on printer fleet
  • Change Management
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative Technology
  • Global Capabilities


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Southern California Edison
Southern California Edison: Implements PrinteGration Process
Southern California Edison (SCE) was faced with the challenge of replacing a fleet of approximately 700 aging analog copiers. With the recent development and transition of Copiers into Digital Multi-Functional Networked devices, SCE realized that this task would mean much more than a like for like replacement.

After 12 months of analysis, SCE awarded the implementation of this project to SoCal Office Technologies through its PrinteGration TM process to acquire, install, implement, and service over 900 new Sharp multi-functional devices.

As a result of the success of this project, SCE renewed their contract with SoCal Office for an additional 4 years. SoCal Office manages a fleet of over 1,500 multi-function devices and printers for SCE and the partnership is eight years strong.

SoCal Office and SCE continue to partner in bringing new and emerging technologies to the SCE Workforce in 2010 to reduce cost, waste and energy use… Helping SCE go green.

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Prospect Mortgage: An entrepreneurial company, Prospect Mortgage is growing at a time when other lenders are shrinking and closing. The business model was formed during a challenging market, so they know what it takes to survive and meet customer needs during these tough times.

Because of this tremendous growth, along with an increase in administrative document volume, managing this process was taxing the Information Technology Department’s resources. SoCal Office Technologies entered into a partnership agreement with Prospect to install, implement, and manage all document production devices and services at the California Corporate Office expanding to serveral hundred locations nationwide, resulting in increased employee productivity. The SoCal Office solution also provided a 28% reduction in operational expenses while reduced the Carbon Footprint.

Partnering with SoCal Office has created a single point of contact for all of Prospects printing and imaging needs. From a billing perspective, SoCal Office provides one invoice for all of the installed printers and MFP’s. Overall, SoCal Office was able to significantly reduce the amount of time Prospect Mortgage IT invested in managing document production.

“SoCal Office is like an employee that is not on the direct payroll…they are a true asset to Prospect Mortgage.” – Cameron King, CIO, Prospect Mortgage

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