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K12 schools are focused on creating better learners. Easy access to information is key. Teachers need reliable, high-quality documents, fast. Parents and students want homework and course materials available online. Districts need to cut costs and improve communication. We can help.

Do More With Less

The biggest challenge the education industry faces is funding. Our first solution to educators is to find those hidden costs that are taking away from classroom learning and find the most effective way to use those savings to benefit the future generations.

  • 90% of Schools don’t know how much they are spending on print
  • Only 10% of office printing is monitored
  • 37-47% of print related expenses avoid formal purchasing approval
  • Anyone with a mouse can make a buying decision

The Answer? MPS.

  • 10-40% cost savings
  • Predictable cost control
  • Proactive supplies replenishment
  • No capital expense!

For more facts and information on the problems and solutions, download our Education MPS brochure.

Additional Classroom Solutions:

Improve Learning with Color! 77% agree color documents boost in FOCUS, INTEREST, and MEMORY View brochure for more info on this study Here

Cost Control
Printing color doesn’t have to be expensive. Monitor and manage security, usage and costs with easy-to-use software.

Test Grading and Analysis
Streamline testing and get graphical, customizable reports that illustrate areas of strength and weakness.

Document Workflow
Scan paper into electronic documents that are easy to share, store and access.

District-wide Managed Print Services
Track output to control print costs, Route documents intelligently, improve uptime with pre-emptive maintenance

Up to Date Technology

Today’s children are growing up in a digital learning environment. SoCal Office provides 21st century classroom technology solutions to help educators bridge the digital gap often found in education today. These technologies facilitate collaborative learning, problem-solving and goal setting and prepare students for the real world.



In higher education today, students have come to expect cutting-edge technology in the classroom. Technology plays a vital role in helping to facilitate group projects and problem-based work. In turn, the student carries this knowledge and experience into the business world.

The extent to which technology is integrated into campus life varies greatly and reaches well beyond the scope of the classroom. From digital signage to podcasting, students and educators alike have come to depend on the technologies found on campus.

SoCal Office and Xerox have been providing the technology solutions expected in higher education to ensure our graduates are prepared for real world business applications.

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