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State, Federal & Local Government


SoCal Office has a dedicated government team designed to provide the latest technology to Federal, State & Local agencies.

Whether you’re looking for production solutions, office digital copiers, color copiers, print management Solutions or document scanning/archiving/re-print solutions, SoCal Office can help!

  • We are a local presence with the Power of a Fortune 500 company
  • We encourage “Environmental Sustainability” in the products we offer and the practices we share
  • We have an Ambassador program in the Ventura county that promotes the connection between Government and Community

We also understand developing and adhering to sustainability practices is a key requirement for the government agencies. We will be happy to share the successes of our long and deep-rooted commitment to the environment and let you know how we can help you do the same.

GSA Contract # GS-25F-0062L
CMAS Contract # 3-01-36-0030A

State of California Master Agreement # 5-08-36-03 (Black and White Digital Copier Solutions)
State of California Master Agreement # 5-07-36-02 (Color Digital Copier Solutions)

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