Sales Training Program

Designed to help you succeed

Account Executives in our Sales Development Program learn how to provide value to the C-Suite by speaking in terms of key financial metrics. 

Learning this level of business acumen really is a differentiator compared to other sales training programs both inside and outside of our industry!

For example, our clients use terms like “DSO”, “ROA”, “GP”, and “EBIT” everyday. Can you have an informational conversation with these abbreviations?

How did the 5 week training program prepare you for your role at SoCal?

“Training here at SoCal has helped me understand this industry, our culture and our resources. The training we receive promotes Fun, Teamwork and Self Development. At the end of the day it truly helps us become better at what we do day in and day out.

I have been able to establish a great working relationship with my manager and the rest of the training team based on trust, I know they are committed to my success just as much as I am. The results speak for themselves. Had a wonderful President’s Club trip to Hawaii with my Family this year, I’m at 145% Quota YTD and gearing up with a healthy pipeline to make President’s Club trip next year.

Thank you SoCal Family, it’s great to be here.”


What is your favorite part about New Hires joining your Team?

“They bring new ideas, new energy, and a different perspective”

           -Barbara Sanchez, Sales Director Public Sector/Education

“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and the mind of the people who you work with, none of it comes to life”

            -Lissa Bareno, Sales Director Ontario

“My favorite part about new hires joining my team is being given opportunity to inspire, develop, mentor, and learn from each unique individual coming onboard!”

             –  Katie Hill, Sales Director OC Central

How did the 5 week training program prepare you for your role at SoCal?

“The training was very useful and provided me with the knowledge I need to start ‘hunting’. Lots of useful information and a good overview of how things are done in the industry and at SoCal. Also, during the training it was motivating to learn about successes of other reps.  

My favorite parts were the 1st appointment and Demo certifications, since it helped me to look back to that 5 weeks and sum up what I learned.” 


What College Alumni say about working at SoCal

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that SoCal has given me. They have helped me learn and grow into a better leader for the Technology Industry.”

     -Alex, CSUF Alumni

“Working here has been an experience I will never forget because it taught me how to keep pushing myself no matter what the outcome.”

     -Devin, CSUF Student

“I’m grateful that this company will grow with me and provide me with the opportunities I need to improve myself and reach my true potential in sales!”

     -Robert, UCLA Alumni