Document Management

Organize content digitally

A Document Management Systems (DMS), from SoCal Office Technologies, can be your office’s best friend.  Our DMS systems keep your files organized, safe, secure, and immediately available at your fingertips.  Our technical experts can build and customize business processes for each department insuring increases in productivity and compliance.   Please take a minute to review some of the areas where you can take advantage of this cutting edge technology today.


A few sample departments that a document management solution can help: (more to come)

The Benefits of A Document Management System:





Find documents immediately, searching by one of several fields including- client name, account number, address, account type, and even the date the order was received.




Multiple users can access the same document without creating a redundant copy. Create notes that show up on other users’ desktop screen as you both are working.




All files are password protected. Any unauthorized access attempts are logged for the system administrator to review.




Follow your legal regulations by setting a records retention program, purging all records that have passed the statute of limitations, thus reducing legal liability.




For multiple offices, home offices, or field staff, Document Management allows users to have remote access, giving them the ability to securely retrieve necessary information over the Internet or through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.




Paper documents are always vulnerable to natural disasters such as theft or fire. Document Management software minimizes that risk by allowing an offsite back-up of the paper documents to ensure continual operation of business even if a disaster strikes.